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"For each project James has proven easy to work with, flexible, and creative. Most importantly, especially since some of our shoots were firsts for us, he has proven himself as a knowledgable leader and director on each project, keeping us on track."  Jeffrey Willis, Trophikos​

Business Videos

Do you need a commercial?  Need to explain something complex to a customer?  Lamppost can provide a solution.  Whether you just need live coverage at a seminar, or you want to craft a compelling web video for your product, we can help get it done.



​A commercial to promote a dietary supplement for women's health.

Client: Trophikos

WCM Global Wealth

Part of a series outlining different investment strategies & principles.

Client: Sliced Tomato

Powerblock Demo Reel

A sampling of work I did for shows on Spike's Powerblock, a collection of automotive how-to TV shows.

Client: RTM Productions

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